Jan 17, 2023

ফ্র্যাঞ্চাইজ পার্টনারশিপ

ফ্র্যাঞ্চাইজ পার্টনারশিপ image

timedoor academy is looking for franchise partner to expand our IT education service around the world.

STEM Education
STEM is an acronym for “Science,” “Technology,” “Engineering,” and “Mathematics,” and it is a general term for the field of science education. In recent years, in a society where science and technology are developing more and more, Science, Mathematics, and Technical education have become increasingly vital from the perspective of developing the next generation of human resources that will support it, and efforts for “STEM education” are progressing worldwide.

ROI 600% in 5 years
Franchise agreement provides flexible partnerships according to the franchise owner’s situation. Those who have their own venue can expect a large return with a small initial investment. In addition, synergistic effects with existing businesses can be expected from the addition of schools, cram schools, recreation centers, etc., and there are also great business opportunities.


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