Jan 17, 2023

বন্ধু রেফারেল – সেলস পার্টনার প্রোগ্রাম

বন্ধু রেফারেল – সেলস পার্টনার প্রোগ্রাম image

Timedoor Academy is looking for sales partner who can help to introduce our service to your network. Increase your earnings with our higher conversion rate to introduce our education service to kids, teens age 5 years old – 18 years old.


Flow of  Business

1.Register as a Partner at +8801779800142 then get a Referral Code and marketing tools (video, e-booklet, e-poster)

2. Tell your friends about Timedoor coding academy and provide the referral code.

3. Your friend will contact our admin for free trial.

4. If they join, you will get a commission and your friends will get a discount.


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