Apr 17, 2023

Roblox Game Coding Tutorial for Beginners

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Roblox is a gaming platform that gives its users and players freedom to create and play their own games worldwide.

The experience of playing Roblox which is simulate the real world becomes a special excitement for the players. The games in Roblox also have various challenges so that people don’t easily get bored playing Roblox.

People who play games as their hobby will eventually wonder how they make games in Roblox and want to create their own games. However, a lot of people give up early because they think creating a Roblox game requires some advanced coding skills.

Do you experience the same feeling? Don’t worry because the following blog is a tutorial on how to create a Roblox game for Beginners, for those who’s trying out coding for the first time and for those who don’t have experience creating a game at all.

Before we start creating a game, you have to prepare the following things:

  • Create a Roblox account on the Roblox Official website (could be the same account you use for playing)
  • Download the Roblox Studio application from the official website
  • Require a Mouse
  • Remember how to operate the Mouse and Keyboard in Roblox Studio according to the following table

Mouse Control.png

So if you’re ready, let’s follow the steps below to start making your first Obby game!

Try out the completely game on the following link: My First Obby

This Obby game is inspired by the Mega Easy Obby game which has many varied obstacles. Now in this tutorial, we will make a total of 6 kinds of obstacles. To make it easier for you to learn, this article will be divided by the type of obstacles you will create while learning how to use the tools in Roblox Studio!

Create New Project

Open the Roblox Studio in your computer. You will see this appearance.Choose Baseplate.png

Select the Baseplate and make sure the appearance looks like the image below.

Baseplate Open.png


If the Explorer Bar and the Properties doesn’t appear on the right side, click on the View Menu on top and click the options Explorer and Properties.

View Menu.png

If there is a Bar on the left side that is open, you can just close it because we don’t use it, so it will not interfere your view in the Editor. Click the Close button.

Close Left Bars.png

Because we don’t need the Baseplate, we can delete it by going to the Explorer Bar on the right. Right click on the Baseplate then select Delete. You can also use the Delete key on the keyboard.

Delete Baseplate.png

Has your Baseplate disappeared from the Editor?

Great! Now let’s start building the Game!

Create Path 1

First Path.png

Making the first Path is super easy! Follow the steps below to create Path 1:

Add a new Part via the Home Menu. Click Blocks and make sure it appears above the Spawn Point.

Add New Part.png

Do you still remember how to operate the Mouse and Keyboard mentioned above?

Click F on the Keyboard to bring Camera closer to the Block

Now we are going to resize the Blocks, but to get the right size you can add a Player Dummy.

Go to the Avatar Menu at the top, click Rig Builder. Now for the type of Rig you can choose whichever you want! The following example will use My Avatar.

Spawn Rig.png
If it has been clicked, your Avatar Character will appear in the Editor.

Now it’s time to resize the Blocks using the Scale tool.

Go to the Home Menu at the top and click on the Scale option. Roblox is a 3D design editor which means each object will have 3 Vectors, namely X, Y, and Z which are distinguished by the colors Red, Green, and Blue.

So drag the round sign to resize it. Set the right size for Player.

Now, let’s change the Material and Color!

To change the material, click on the Material Manager in the Home menu at the top and the Material Manager bar will appear. This is where you can set whatever material you want.


Point the mouse to the desired material then you have to click the arrow button on the top right to apply the material to the Block. For example, use the Brick material.

Select Material.png


Then the result will look like this:

New Material.png




Then change the color of the Block by clicking the Color option in the top Home Menu and selecting the desired color. For example, the color Crimson.

New Color.png


Finally, activate the Anchor property so that the Block doesn’t fall while playing and locked in its current position.Anchored.png
Let’s duplicate it into 3 pieces. But before that, first turn on Snap to Grid so that each Block has the same distance.

Go to the Model Menu and turn on Move property on the Snap to Grid section. Set the value to 8 stud

Snap to Grid.png

So now right click on Block and select Duplicate.


Duplicated Blocks are right in the first Block’s position! So use the Move tool to move it 8 studs.Do the Duplicate step again so that it produces 3 Blocks.

Duplicate Brick.png


Create Path 2

Second Path.png

Add a Sphere-shaped Part.

Add Sphere

Move the Sphere as many as 8 studs using the Move tool.

Then change the color just like the image below.

Duplicate Sphere.png
So now we’re going to make the path a little difficult by applying a Zigzag pattern

Turn off Move property on Snap to grid first. Then move it to the right and left using the Move tool. The result should be like thisSecond Path.png

Create Path 3


Add Block Part, apply Smooth Plastic Material and the color New Yeller.

Duplicate and change the Orientation upwards using the Rotate tool. Resize the second Block to be longer.


Next, we are going to add Kill Bricks on the Blocks.

Duplicate the longer Block, Resize and Place it like the example below. Change the Material to Neon and the Color to Really Red.

Now, let’s add a Script inside the Kill Brick by hovering your Mouse to the Brick in Workspace and click plus icon. Choose Script.

Delete code print(“Hello World”) and type the following code.








Duplicate Kill Brick multiple times until it covers the Block like this.

And voila! The Kill Bricks obstacle are ready!

Create Path 4

Fourth Path.png


Before creating Path 4, let’s add a Sphere first

Blue Sphere.png


Now add a Block Part and set the size to be a cube. Use Plastic material and set the color to Orange.

New Cube.png


Duplicate and change the Orientation so the obstacles become more challenging.

Fourth Path.png

Create Path 5

Fifth Path.png

Now let’s use the Wedge Part for Path 5!

Add Wedge Part and adjust its size using the Scale tool.

New Wedge.png


Duplicate the Wedge Part and move it 8 Studs apart. Remember to use Snap to Grid!

Then turn on the Rotate property value of 180 degrees on the Snap to Grid option so that the second Wedge faces the other way.

2 Wedges.png


Next, change the Material to Sand and the Color to White and Blue. We will make 6 Wedges, so duplicate the 2 Wedges at once by blocking both Wedges and duplicating them.

2 Wedges Selected.png

Challenge: Create Finish Point

Try using the Cylinder Part with a size and position like this independently. Duplicate it and stack it upwards by varying the color from a lighter color to a darker color.

New Cylinder.png


Lastly, don’t forget to Anchor all the Parts together! Use the Scroll Wheel to Zoom Out and block block all the parts. Then click on Anchor.

anchor all

It’s Finish! Use the Play button in the Home menu to test out your first Roblox Game!



Timedoor Academy provide Roblox Program for Kids and Teens, check this Roblox Introduction Video out!

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Let's make the Timedoor Academy Tech Festival Coding Competition and Exhibition 2024 a memorable and inspiring experience for everyone involved!
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