Jun 08, 2024

Timedoor Academy Tech Festival 2024 Finalists Announcement

Timedoor Academy Tech Festival 2024 Finalists Announcement image

Timedoor Academy Tech Festival Coding Competition and Exhibition 2024 is an event aimed at providing a platform for all Timedoor Academy students to showcase various projects they have created, ranging from games and websites to applications. The preliminary round was participated by over 200++ participants from all over Indonesia. From these participants, an elimination stage was conducted to select 31 chosen participants for the Exhibition Round, which will be held offline at Millennium Mall Jakarta on Sunday, June 23, 2024.

Today, we announce the 31 participants selected to participate in the Exhibition Round at Millennium Mall Jakarta from all categories. The list of participants who made it to the Exhibition Round can be seen below.

Exhibition Finalist

Albert Liandra Kurniawan Timedoor Academy Cengkareng
Ida Bagus Oka Janaka Timedoor Academy Renon
Jeremy Dominic Liong Timedoor Academy Cengkareng
Jethro Buniardi Timedoor Academy Harapan Indah Bekasi
Muhammad Ghaisan Abgari Timedoor Academy Gading Serpong
Anak Agung Gde Axel Mahendra Timedoor Academy Online ID
Anja Ruci Berlian Timedoor Academy Online ID
Darrel Arana Irwanto Timedoor Academy Cikarang
Emilie Kierra Rinaldy Timedoor Academy Kelapa Gading
I Putu Theodore Wira Pradana Timedoor Academy Jimbaran
Gabriel Veriano Timedoor Academy Cikarang
Glenys Salsabila Kyeshi Parlina Timedoor Academy Gatsu Barat Bali
Michael Mahardika Wijaya Timedoor Academy Online ID
Putu Dimas Graha Wardhana Timedoor Academy Renon
Yehezkiel Kennard Alvaro La Beneamata Timedoor Academy Gatsu Barat Bali
Clairine Elise Lei Timedoor Academy Online ID
Julio Miguel Setiawan Timedoor Academy Cikarang
Keigan Noel Hamdany Timedoor Academy Online ID
Peter Luciano Kencana Timedoor Academy Gading Serpong
Ryan Kenzie Tanady Timedoor Academy Cengkareng
Demas Firjatulloh Janitro Timedoor Academy Online ID
I Gede Raditya Ananda Putra Timedoor Academy Renon
I Kadek Arya Raditya Timedoor Academy Renon
Made Anantawijaya Giriwidya Hantana Timedoor Academy Gatsu Barat Bali
Ni Putu Bela Septiandita Rustama Timedoor Academy Gatsu Barat Bali
Ardhani Prayata Akmal Timedoor Academy Online ID
I Putu Mahendra Arya Valentino Timedoor Academy Renon
Komang Ayu Arista Dewi Timedoor Academy Gatsu Barat Bali
Matthew Vito Santoso Timedoor Academy Online ID
Ngakan Putu Satria Dewangga Timedoor Academy Gatsu Barat Bali
Shavonne Miguel Halim Timedoor Academy Online ID

The 31 selected participants and their parents are expected to attend the online Technical Meeting for the Exhibition. The details are as follows:

Day/Date: Saturday, June 15, 2023
Time: 3:00 PM WIB / 4:00 PM WITA
Place: Online
Meeting ID: 839 547 7948
Passcode: 12345

Link : https://bit.ly/zoomEgypt

Participants and parents are also advised to review the exhibition round information in the Guidebook. You can download the Guidebook here: Download Guidebook.


Special Recognition

We also want to recognize the other 10 most creative projects (Phaser only 5), which will receive a medal. These medals will be sent to the recipients’ addresses as a token of our appreciation for their outstanding work.

Game with Kodu:

  • Arga Riviandra Zamara – Houbii Bogor
  • Firdhah Atiqah – Harapan Indah Bekasi
  • Gavin Immanuel Hosada – Bandung
  • Gede Kaivan Azkaradipta Manumesha Mataram – Renon Bali
  • Hanif Abhicandra Zafran – Gayungan Surabaya
  • Ida Bagus Bumi Prana – Renon Bali
  • Komang Cakradev – Renon Bali
  • Marc Daryl Mahadana – Houbii Bogor
  • Muhammad Malvino Putera Mulia – Gading Serpong
  • Skye Ansel Chen – Cengkareng

Game with Scratch 3:

  • Anindya Filia Susanto – Houbii Bogor
  • Azka Virendra Darmawan – Houbii Bogor
  • Gandewa Arjuna Gelar – Online ID
  • Levin Elnathan – Harapan Indah Bekasi
  • Maverick Archer Yeriel – Kelapa Gading
  • Mikhayla Leandra Krisbayu – Online ID
  • Owen Hiroshi Lie – Batam
  • Quinza Haziqah – Online ID
  • Theodorus Giovanni Daniswara – Gayungan Surabaya
  • Yehuda Matthew Muradsanobar Sihaloho – Cikarang

Game with Construct 3:

  • Cut Zara Tashanita – Online ID
  • I Gede Reva Awidya Kayana – Karangasem Bali
  • I Nyoman Aditya Basudeva Mahaputra – Gatsu Barat Bali
  • I Putu Aryasatya Mahendra Mahaputra – Renon Bali
  • I Putu Raditya Hendra Saputra – Karangasem Bali
  • Jonathan Isaac Santoso – Citraland Surabaya
  • Mas Maulana Ubaydillah Mukhayan – Renon Bali
  • Muhammad Fadhil – Kelapa Gading
  • Muhammad Laa Rayba Fiihi – Online ID
  • Ryan Alvaro Emmyson – Cengkareng

 Game with Roblox:

  • Altair Harry Janssena – Online ID
  • Arinathan Martuah Saragih – Online ID
  • Ida Bagus Agung Janar Wibawa – Renon Bali
  • Jillian Davyne Suyono – Online ID
  • Khalil Ezra Allegradana – Online ID
  • Muhammad Al Fatih – Online ID
  • Reflita Marsha Setiawan – Cikarang
  • Reigaara Endea Yustisia – Kelapa Gading
  • Rizky Arkananta Mahardika – Cengkareng
  • Zineddin Alkhawarizmi – Houbii Bogor

Game with Phaser:

  • Felix Mahendra Putra Bangun – Cikarang
  • Hanif Fausta Syafif – Online ID
  • I Gusti Ngurah Prama Wedanta – Tabanan Bali
  • Ida Bagus Pradnyana Wedhanta – Renon Bali
  • Richard Christopher Bono – Renon Bali


  • Bonaventura Silitonga – Online ID
  • Breza Artha Medico – Online ID
  • Darren Clementius Leonard – Kelapa Gading
  • Daven Bryan Suyono – Online ID
  • Erland Pramana – Houbii Bogor
  • Gede Divka Bramanta Devadatta Putra – Renon Bali
  • Kadek Pramana Kenzo Widia Poetra – Renon Bali
  • Made Calysta Maheswari – Online ID
  • Muhammad Ihsan Nadhif – Kelapa Gading
  • Regina Joan Medea Jati Laksono – Online ID

We thank all the students, parents, and mentors for their hard work and dedication. Let’s make the Timedoor Academy Tech Festival Coding Competition and Exhibition 2024 a memorable and inspiring experience for everyone involved!

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Timedoor Academy Competition and Exhibition 2023 Update!
Timedoor Academy Competition and Exhibition 2023 Update!
Congrats For All the Winners! Timedoor Academy Coding Competition and Exhibition 2023 is an event that aims to provide a platform for all Timedoor Academy students to show projects that have been made, ranging from games, and websites to applications. The preliminary round was attended by 100++ participants from all over Indonesia. From this number of participants, an elimination stage will then be carried out until 30 Selected Participants are selected to take part in the Exhibition Round which will be held directly at Trans Studio Mall Bali on Sunday, June 25 2023. The 30 best participants from each category took part in the Exhibition Round at Trans Studio Mall Bali and this exhibition was attended by approximately 500 ++ visitors who were interested in seeing the participant's projects. Visitors also had the opportunity to give star labels to the participants who would later be awarded as Most Favorite Project By Visitor. Here is the following list of winners at the 2023 Timedoor Academy Competition and Exhibition divided by category: MOST FAVORITE PROJECT STUDENT'S NAME PROJECT'S NAME ORIGIN Hugo Alexander Kusuma Game in Kodu Bali JUNIOR CATEGORY WINNER STUDENT'S NAME  PROJECT'S NAME ORIGIN I Gede Kelvin Narendra Van Veggel Mario Cycle Bali KIDS CATEGORY WINNER STUDENT'S NAME  PROJECT'S NAME ORIGIN Gandewa Arjuna Gelar Fallen Region Tangerang TEENS GAME CATEGORY WINNER STUDENT'S NAME  PROJECT'S NAME ORIGIN Ni Putu Bella Septiandita Rustama Robot With Their Future Bali TEENS WEBSITE CATEGORY WINNER STUDENT'S NAME  PROJECT'S NAME ORIGIN Edgar Davey Tanibulie Website Doraemon Makassar Congratulations to all the winners in each category. Thank you to all participants who have participated in Timedoor Competition & Exhibition 2023 this time. Hopefully, this will be a good start for all of us to introduce learning coding to children.
How to Help Your Kids Get Out of Their Study Slump
How to Help Your Kids Get Out of Their Study Slump
As parents, do you often struggle with keeping your children interested in learning? It is no surprise since kids are bombarded with distractions in the form of games, social media apps, and many other interruptions that might keep them away from studying. Their loss of interest in studying can be attributed to many things, including high pressure from parents, monotonous study routines, difficulty in keeping up with peers, excessive distractions, and feeling of hopelessness in achieving academic success. Nobody likes the feeling of being left behind in the classroom, especially when kids are often compared to their classmates by their own parents or even teachers. As upsetting as this may sound, this is quite a common recurrence in schools which results in heightened insecurity from pupils of all ages. Of course, depriving your children of all fun things is not the solution as it will increase resentment towards studying in general, but how can you set boundaries with them and ensure academic success for your kids' future?  In this article, we’ll look into the why and the how of tackling your children’s study slump in order to get them motivated for the school year.   Key Things to Identify Before lending a helping hand to your loved ones, it is imperative to know the reasoning behind their lack of engagement and strategize smartly to tackle the issue. As mentioned previously, your children’s loss of interest in learning can be due to a number of reasons, and as parents it is important to start recognizing these signs in order to apply the logical solutions and get those learning hats on.     Dull Learning Routine When it comes to studying, oftentimes the routine is as follows: attend classes, have one-on-one sessions with tutors, spend hours on homework, and repeat. This cycle of rinse and repeat can quickly become monotonous to children, not to mention the additional pressure for academic achievement and competition with peers that can lead to eventual burnout.  Children are naturally curious beings filled with endless questions, so we know the curiosity is there. It’s just a matter of how we can foster and reignite their desire to learn. Seriously, ask how many times parents get asked starting with the word “why” in a day - the answer is, plenty. Another way to see this from a different perspective is to think about how we are as adults and how boring repetitive work routines can become.  Emails, calls, meetings, and then back to the cubicle the next day. (If you need a visual reference, take a look at the scene from SpongeBob where Squidward repeats the same regime everyday as his smile fades away with each frame, realizing he’s lost the initial spark he had). While some may enjoy this stability, this cycle frequently leads to lack of interest resulting in burnout. This same principle applies to children as it does to adults.    Pressure for Academic Success It is safe to say that some people enjoy competition, and some simply do not. However, most can agree that no one likes to be put in a position of constant pressure to the point you start comparing yourself to others.  As parents, it is natural to want your kids to strive for academic success, however, be wary of setting unachievable standards and constantly comparing your loved ones to their classmates. While many parents opt for this method of disciplining their kids, it would often backfire and cause low performance in the classroom. When it comes to setting goals for your kids, always bear in mind that everyone moves at a different speed. And that is not a bad thing!  While some kids may take two lessons to master basic fractions, some others may require longer time than that, and that is okay as everyone absorbs information at different rates. By identifying their strengths and weaknesses, you can also tailor special learning methods that work according to their needs based on this information.   Lack of Purpose As adults, when completing certain tasks, do you often ask yourself the question “why do I even bother with this?” Meaning, our decision making is usually based on whether we deem that activity to be useful or beneficial for us. Similarly, kids also operate in the same way where they would put activities that they find useless at the lowest priority. Of course, as adults we are aware of the importance of studying and academic success as it will greatly contribute to our future career path, therefore it is important to inform children how education greatly contributes to our lives. So you might think, how can I get them to understand the importance of reaching high scores? Well, put it in a way that is simple enough for them to understand. Instead of urging them to study so they can get straight A’s, encourage them to see the value in each learning lesson. Gently explain to them how mathematics can be used in helping them make real life decisions when trying to choose the best deal at the grocery store. Or how biology can be used in order for your children to understand their body more and how to take care of it. By emphasizing the application of these lessons in real-life scenarios, your kids will soon realize that there is in fact more to studying than just getting good grades.   What Can You Do Instead? Now that we have some idea of the “why,” let's get to the “how”’ in increasing your children’s interest in learning. Children are active beings, and more times than not they would probably prefer to do learning activities than simply sitting on a desk and listening to lessons.  This would be a great bonding activity for parents to explore with kids and lets you know what sparks their interest! Here are some fun learning activities you can implement:   Educational Games Educational games are perfect for when traditional methods with paper and pencil are simply not enough to keep the little ones engaged. In addition, they are also a great tool when trying to teach children about logic, critical thinking, and many other soft and hard skills. A popular method that has been implemented in many classrooms would be Kahoot quizzes. By using this platform, kids are able to join through their gadgets and there is no pressure on being shamed if you get an answer wrong as students are able to join using fun nicknames that do not give away their identity thus creating a safe space for making mistakes. In addition, there are a wide selection of applications and websites that educate people on the subject of mathematics, science, history, health, geography and many others. Usually, the game instructs the player to solve a mathematical equation or answer a history trivia in order to proceed to the next round or level up. This is a great method to keep kids engaged as they are just excited to play games, not realizing that along the way they are picking up useful skills.   Outdoor Learning Sitting in a room for hours while trying to absorb new information can be a downer for most people, especially kids. By doing so, this can really weigh down on a child’s excitement to learn and honestly can we blame them? Many schools nowadays incorporate outside learning where teachers and students go over learning materials in an outdoor setting. By implementing a slight change in scenery, students feel more refreshed and less slumped in digesting new learning materials. Try doing the same with your kids and take your tutoring sessions with your kids in the backyard or a public park to boost your kids’ learning spirit. A great example would be heading outside to teach your kids about different types of rocks and soil for a brief geology lesson. If you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean with rich marine biodiversity, take the time to take your science lessons outdoors and look out for different types of sea life such as anemones, school of fishes, seashells, and more.    Field Trips Similar to the previous point, scheduling field trips with your kids can boost learning interest as it takes the learning outside of the classroom, which can eliminate boredom.  Perfect for history lessons, going on a museum trip can spark interest in learning about past events, important monuments, artifacts, and paintings. This is highly beneficial especially in children who have shown interest in the fields of art, literature, and history. While it is not ideal to implement field trips everyday for children, it is important to remember to treat them once in a while to get them out of that study slump.  Think of it as adults, we oftentimes get so tired of the same four walls of the cubicle and repetitive routine. A business trip or an insightful work conference for bettering our knowledge can be a nice treat in the midst of a monotonous work regime. The same applies for children, and can help rekindle their learning spark.     Bite-Sized Learning Material Lastly, learning can be an intimidating process, especially when kids see the amount of materials that they have to master within the span of one semester. Minimize their anxiety by breaking up learning materials into several pieces that will be easier to manage by them.  For example, when it comes to learning mathematics, instead of stressing on the entire counting system, take each learning lesson to really focus on comprehending each subject into bite-sized pieces. Make sure to incorporate fun games related to addition such as puzzles, treasure hunts, and other varieties to avoid boredom and motivation loss. Remember as mentioned earlier, kids are simply excited to play games, that they don’t even realize they’re gaining knowledge in the process. Use all of these tools strategically by keeping them organized in order to keep your children engaged and focused on the material at hand.   Things to Keep in Mind Now that you have all of these resources at your disposal, make sure to utilize them to boost learning efficiency and avoid motivation loss during the learning process. As parents, getting your children to sit down and study can be a hard task, however, by implementing a variety of fun activities and stimulating tasks, this can help them stay on track and reduce lack of interest in learning.  In addition, it is also important to recognize that there is also a good amount of trial and error that comes with finding the right study routine for your little ones. Therefore, it is important to be patient not only with your children, but also with yourself as you navigate through this journey. After all, finding a study plan that works is a learning moment within itself.  Lastly, value the time in taking a break from studying and exploring other interests that your children might have. Sometimes, all it takes is a little breather from the books to rejuvenate your kids and prevent fatigue from studying.  As parents, this would be a great opportunity to explore their interests outside of the classroom whether it be sports, music, cooking, and many more. Here at Timedoor Academy, we offer a variety of lessons surrounding coding that can be a fun learning addition for your kids. Our curriculum allows students to learn the fundamentals of computer science and accomplish fun projects such as creating their own games, websites, and mobile applications.   To get started, head over to this page and our teachers will be more than happy to get you and your little ones started on their coding journey.
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