Jul 15, 2022

Venue Partner Program – Coding School

Venue Partner Program – Coding School image

Turn Your Space into a Futuristic Education Center

Timedoor Academy is excited to explore the potential of opening an Offline branch in your area. If you happen to have any spare space, we invite you to consider partnering with us and discover the opportunity to generate passive income through our coding school. It’s a chance to contribute to the growth of your community by offering valuable educational resources while also benefiting from the financial rewards of this collaboration. Let’s join forces to create a positive impact together.

Business Model

– Sales Share Model
(Not Franchise Model)


– All operations, management from Timedoor side
– You can generate passive income with spare space
– Synergy effect with your business
– No investment cost

Suitable for

– Venue Owner
– School
– Learning Center
– Co-Working Space
– Recreation Club


– Minimum 3 Rooms, Ideally 7 Rooms for Class (or big class that we can partition into several class)
– Open 15:00 – 21:00 Weekdays, 08:00 – 18:00 Weekend


Contact Us to be our venue partner now!


Keep Reading

Free Coding Class for Children in Orphanage
Free Coding Class for Children in Orphanage
Introduction Timedoor Academy has proudly launched a free educational initiative dedicated to the children of the "Rumah Impian" orphanage. As part of our commitment to fostering skill development in underserved communities, we are offering comprehensive coding classes at no cost. Additionally, to facilitate this learning, we are providing them with computers. This endeavor aims to equip these children with valuable digital skills, paving the way for broader job opportunities in their future.   Background Children in orphanages don't have parents and live a limited simple life. They often face limited money and opportunities. Upon completing their high schooling, they might encounter challenges in securing rewarding employment due to a lack of specialized skills, knowledge, and educational background.   Message from CEO Our CEO, Yutaka, emphasizes the significance of coding in today's world. He mentions, "Coding is everywhere in your game, mobile app, etc. it's a tool for innovation and creativity." Yutaka envisions these children not just as users of digital platforms but as creators, shaping their own destinies. He believes this skill will help them get better jobs in the future.   What We Teach Children and teenagers, ranging from 6 to 19 years, are all welcome in our program. We have tailored coding lessons suitable for each age bracket. The younger ones might begin with foundational coding concepts through engaging game activities, while the older participants delve into more advanced tasks like text coding game development. The enthusiasm and rapid progress of these students have been truly inspiring.   What's Next? Our dedication to this cause doesn't end with a few lessons. We intend to consistently teach and mentor these children on a weekly basis. By instilling coding knowledge now, we are optimistic about expanding their future employment prospects. Through this initiative, Timedoor Academy aims to empower these children, ensuring they have the skills and confidence to navigate the digital future ahead.     This is part of our CSR Project "Tech for Leap". If you are interested in supporting our project, please kindly contact us. https://timedooracademy.com/csr
Franchise Partnership Coding School
Franchise Partnership Coding School
Own your Coding School in your city Timedoor Academy is looking for franchise partner to expand our IT education service around the world. The Timedoor Academy franchise program presents an extraordinary blend of lucrative financial prospects and the ability to create a profound and enduring influence on the lives of children in your community through IT education. More than 10.000 Students learned coding with timedoor Minimal investment, maximum passive income Easy to start with our curriculum and LMS   This Program suit for  A person who owns the venue for the course A person who has experienced business management A person who wants to be an entrepreneur A person who has teaching or coding experience   STEM Education STEM is an acronym for "Science," "Technology," "Engineering," and "Mathematics," and it is a general term for the field of science education. In recent years, in a society where science and technology are developing more and more, Science, Mathematics, and Technical education have become increasingly vital from the perspective of developing the next generation of human resources that will support it, and efforts for "STEM education" are progressing worldwide.   ROI 600% in 5 years Franchise agreement provides flexible partnerships according to the franchise owner's situation. Those who have their own venue can expect a large return with a small initial investment. In addition, synergistic effects with existing businesses can be expected from the addition of schools, cram schools, recreation centers, etc., and there are also great business opportunities.   Contact Us to be our franchise partner now!  
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