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Are You Passionate in IT and Teaching?

At Timedoor Academy, we build the future of IT Education. We are equipped to teach children and adults programming. What brings us together are our ideas, a shared passion to broaden IT knowledge, and the willingness to learn beyond what’s familiar. Timedoor Academy builds connections, understanding and trust between each other around Asia through culture, education and programming

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Why you should join Timedoor Academy


Flexible Schedule

Schedule may be adjusted based on your availability.


Teach From Anywhere

Online Teaching platform that allows you to teach from anywhere in the world.


Get Training From Expert

Provided training for potential teachers conducted by our IT and Education experts.


  1. In Timedoor Academy, we encourage communication within the team and with the students. We’re looking for someone with excellent Communication skills and the ability to work in a teamwork environment.
  2. Discipline and Responsible with the mindset of wanting to code the future for IT Education.
  3. Passionate about teaching students of all ages with sufficient general computer skills,for teens teachers; knowledge in programming languages especially JavaScript.
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