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Kids Coder

age icon Age 8 - 12

Design and code your own game & web in a simple way!

Our Kids Coders will learn coding concepts from algorithms, loops, variables to functions using a variety of fun materials including robots and micro: bit IoT with the ultimate goal of making games and mobile apps that can be shared through the Google Play Store and also a website to store and display a portfolio of their work. For those who enjoy Roblox, they can also build their own project by learning the LUA languages.

Class Schedule :

2x/week or 1x/week
90 minutes/meeting
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Be Developer since Primary School

Check how our kids coders enjoy our class and be creative implementing their idea on their own digital product. Although kids, the teacher can make them understand the complicated logic of programming in the simplest way.

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Kids Coder Learning Map

Kids Coder Learning Map
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