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Teens Coder

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Be a pro developer with real text coding! 

Our Teens Coders will learn coding concepts from algorithms, loops, variables to functions in JavaScript/Python syntax as well as HTML CSS gradually from the basic concept up to program their own games, dynamic websites, mobile apps using React Natives up to creating their own AI system in the most professional way. Through these professional real programming courses, our teens coder will be ready for their future competitive world.

Class Schedule :

2x/week or 1x/week
90 minutes/meeting
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Teens Coder

Be a Professional Programmer since Teens

Check how our teens coders understand the complicated syntax in JavaScript/Python through simple explanations by certified teachers. Through these courses, our teens coders can be ready to implement the logic of IT for any profession in their future.

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Teens Coder Learning Map

Teens Coder Learning Map
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