Frequently asked questions by parents

Yes! We provide 90 minutes of FREE TRIAL CLASS to find out your child’s interest in programming.

We provide class schedules from weekdays and weekends. Various timing is available starting from the afternoon until evening schedule.

Yes, we have offline classes in some areas such as in Bali, Jakarta, Tangerang, Bogor and Surabaya in Indonesia. Several area in Cairo, Egypt. Gradually we will open more offline class branches in your area.

Our Branch

Our recommended ages for students are 5 to 7 for Junior Bracket 8 to 12 for Kids Bracket, 12 to 18 for Teens Bracket, and 19 to up for Adult Bracket. However we also welcome any elementary students of any grade who show interest in coding and programming.

Yes, we are looking for a franchise partner.

Please contact us for further discussion.


We provide a placement test to see how they will suit the bracket that they are interested in enrolling.

Our class ratio is very convenient as for the online class it’s 1:5 and offline class is 1:5 or 2:10 maximum.

For the Junior, Kids, and Teens bracket, we are using the Zoom application for the online class and the teachers will teach the students lively in 60 – 90 minutes per session.

Yes, we do provide several discounts. For more information, you can directly contact our PIC per each branch

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